Small-group macrame classes near Mt. Lawley

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Welcome to Knot in Love, I’m Marcia Thornander.

A qualified teacher with interests in art, printmaking, photography, textiles and all sorts of craft. I studied art at Teachers College, and sometime later at TAFE in Art and Craft Design and Environmental Design. Currently I’m obsessed with macramé which I have been doing for many years.

I first learned the macrame from a school friend at 8 years of age. We spent hours doing macramé in the playground. I would explore the local haberdashery and florists shops in my West Australian country town to find suitable materials.

Now I love markets, garage sales, swap meets and beachcombing to name a few. I try to be open to whatever presents itself and I’m always learning and looking for something I can use in my art, recycling and innovating as I go. 

I’ve decided to turn my obsession with macramé into a small business, Knot in Love. This journey is new and I anticipate will be ever evolving as I explore the world of macramé teaching and learning.

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions and ideas:

I use macramé to relax as it really requires concentration to do.
The bonus is I get to make beautiful things at the same time.